The first blockchain backed DIGITAL HIGHWAY that enables a COLLECTIVE APPROACH to Impact management & reporting

Make your organisation’s contribution to society and the environment visible to all your stakeholders in
an easy, trusted and real-time manner 

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One-stop-solution for the emerging Impact Industry

Digitisation is key to disrupt how organisations manage, measure and report their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact, to ensure cost-efficiency in impact management and to ensure the market responds to the needs of new generations, who are fully digital and demand trustable & verified impact data.

ComGo is the first blockchain backed Digital Highway that contains a complete turnkey solution for ESG impact management, measurement & accurate reporting. Our open APIs marketplace allows to organisations of all sizes and industries to adapt our impact tools to their needs or create their own ones.

Impact Platform-as-a-Service

Customers can access ComGo's turnkey impact management solution (that includes services from fundraising to automated reporting) or use ComGo’s APIs integrated in their existing core systems to make adoption of impact management tools even easier.


We develop customised impact management solutions completely adapted to the client's needs.

Products to help in your impact journey

Fundraising for next generation of donors

Launch a fundraising campaign with ComGo and allow donors to trace the outcome of their contributions in real-time. Next generation of donors are fully digital and demand dynamic reporting and verified impact data. We can help you engage them. 

Stakeholders Relationship Management

Create a digital environment to communicate in a decentralised transparent manner with your different stakeholders. We help you engage them to contribute to your organisation's mission.

Supply chain traceability

Change your company’s consumer perception and make your company more attractive to next generation investors by sharing with them in a transparent way the impact of your supply chain.

Real-time auditing

The auditing feature provided on the platform allows to fetch data from an immutable ledger while tracking every action that is performed on the platform, increasing transparency and trust in your business.

Impact management and measurement

We help you digitise and implement your project's Theory of Change and ESG Baseline, and monitor and measure how your activities affect the community and our environment.

Automated reporting

ComGo tools help you achieve cost-effective, real-time, dynamic and automated reports. We want to help you spend time managing meaningful impact rather than creating tedious manual impact reports.


We dream of a world where social and environmental impact is transversal to all industries. A world where people and organisations are not valued for the wealth they accumulate, but for the wealth they generate. 


Our goal is to guarantee through our solutions transparent, truthful and meaningful impact, that can be tracked until the last mile of the supply chain.This will help impact customers, investors, impact managers and philanthropists to make better decisions and avoid unintended negative impacts.

ComGo Team

Arancha Martínez
Co-Founder & CEO

Manuel Hurtado
Founder & Executive president

Sanachit Mehra

Rajish Rajan

Kritika Goel
Project Manager

Project Manager

Javier Agüera

Julius Akinyemi

Ignacio Moreno

5 years working together

ComGo was the result of the capstone project of an MIT course. Since the conception of the idea in 2016, ComGo team has ran POW, POC and pilots together.

experienced team

Our passionate committed team members have huge expertise in business and social entrepreneurship and both in technological development and in the impact industry.

diverse team

Multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational and gender balanced team to ensure creativity and a global vision of problems and potential solutions to tackle them.


For the last 4 years ComGo has been working along with different Social key agents to innovate in new approaches to tackle global challenges through blockchain technology. Some of our most relevant findings and learnings have come out of real pilots carried out along with United Nations Technology Innovation Labs and Foundations such as Caja Navarra Foundation, La Caixa Foundation or Botin Foundation. We are specially proud of the commitment of our team during Covid19 pandemic because, with the support of IBM and numerous foundations and corporates we were able to deliver in less than 15 days, a blockchain backed marketplace to ensure transparent impact management during the pandemic, where over 2M€ were traced to support the most vulnerable target groups in Spain.

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