Our Vision

It's about time.


We believe in a future where all players of the society are connected on the same trusted network. Good actions should be recognized and rewarded, whether they involve companies, state actors, social entities or individual citizens. Our mission is to create the infrastructure needed to widespread trust, accountability and incentives, catalyzing economic prosperity and social change. We believe a better economy is possible, and compatible with traditional ways of conducting business.


For the first time, the blockchain technology brings an unparalleled opportunity for organizations to transform their processes around transparency, enabling new levels of stewardship with a more optimal usage of resources and a less complex infrastructure. ComGO aims to play a key role as enabler for this new ecosystem by providing the needed infrastructure, simplifying deployment for businesses and making the final connection with the end users and citizens click. Join us in our mission, there has never been a better time before!


Manuel Hurtado
President & CEO