Our Pilots and Prototypes

There are already organizations implementing ComGo's technology in proof-of-concept phase, and soon commercially. Learn more about them and how ComGo is helping them to transform their organization and processes from the inside out. 


Our customers



Caritas Internationalis is confederation of over 160 members who are working at the grassroots in almost every country of the world, impacting around 24 million people. Caritas Spain is currently implementing a pilot program using ComGo's technology to manage their annual, which is likely to launch in the rest of Europe by the end of 2018.  More information →




AEF is Spain's National Foundations Association, which represents the interests of most foundations established in Spain. AEF is pioneering the sector worldwide by being one of the first multi-stakeholder entity to evaluate a blockchain solution and develop policies for easing the adoption by its members. ComGo is currently in the final phase of evaluation.  More information →


Botín Foundation


The Botín Foundation is the largest private foundation in Spain, and one of the largest in Europe. It acts all over Spain and Latin America, contributing to the overall development of society by exploring new ways of detecting creative talent and supporting it to generate cultural, social and economic wealth. Currently under implementation phase. More information →



ItWillBe is a Spanish NGO for International Development Cooperation and Awareness.  They are notable for their independence, transparency and neutrality, working on Education and Innovation as cornerstones. Thanks to ComGo's technology they aim to become one of the first international NGOs to offer full traceability by leveraging blockchain technologies. More information →

Our Partners