We are building a blockchain for the common good.

ComGo is the blockchain based technology platform of the Common Good Ecosystem (CGE). We use blockchain and smart contract technologies to build solutions that can transform business processes by providing trust, transparency, accountability and auditability.


Our Solutions



ComGo has built a comprehensive smart contracts platform for transparency, auditability and accountability for charity sector. Provides transparency to the entire supply chain in charity thereby enabling all participating stakeholders (donors, foundations, NGOs, suppliers, auditors) to have a single view of origin of funds, how they were spent and resulting impact. With more control over the funds, it enforces proper rationalization of expenditure and automates payments thereby increasing the overall integrity, auditability and efficiency of the system.  Check out our case studies.


Our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are focused around the traceability of the drugs obtained by the patient. Our system allows manufacturers, distributors and patient purchase points to implement an end-to-end watermarking system that is able to prevent fraudulent/copy distribution, recall defective batches and an universal patient drug obtention record that is owned by the patients themselves but validated throughout the entire chain. Currently under development and available in 2018.

Food Industry

Food safety and traceability remain among the top challenges that remain mostly unsolved in the global food industry. ComGo's secure platform authenticates transactions between suppliers and purchasers, assigning an unique and immutable identifier to every production unit. Consumers can access key information data points at point-of-sale or at home, while producers can deploy easily a secure alternative to traditional tracking methods. Recalls for defective/unfit batches can now be done with a significant reduction in cost and complexity, and brand retention can be increased by ranking high in the metrics.