The Common Good Ecosystem

When common good happens on ComGo, it is happening on a trusted platform where all players are interacting on the same
network using the ComGo token. This means all transactions can be validated, are stored securely and privately, cannot be edited by unauthorized players, and are accessible to all of the stakeholders involved. Blockchain technology is complex, but ComGo's platform makes it transparent and straightforward to implement across your organization or in a specific use case in a reduced time frame.


How does it work?

ComGo allows users to request and get approved for a Social Impact Profile (SIP). The platform will host a stack of common good solutions from different sectors aimed to provide transparency, trust, accountability, provenance and auditability. As a registered user, any citizen can donate or raise funds and fund social impact solutions in the ecosystem - all using comgos, the tokens for the Common Good economy.
The Common Good Token or "comgo" is the medium of economy in the common good ecosystem. The ecosystem is based on the fact that trust is the fundamental building block for common good. When common good happens on a trusted platform, it inspires others and creates a network effect that strengthens the common good economy.

How does it apply to my company?

Our technology can enable equally citizens and organizations of all kinds to implement trust around processes that involve transactions and tracking of processes and impact/footprint. Our solutions are currently being evaluated and implemented actively across charities, pharmaceutical companies and the food industry. We foresee an increasing demand in the future from other specific sectors, such as the environment & green energy markets, intellectual property and rights, education, crowd-lending and research funding. The key benefits that the ComGo platform brings are:

Transparency: Build trust, better relationships and experience by increasing the level of openness and communication about status and outcomes.

Efficiency: Increase efficiency by automating processes using smart contracts and reduce time and effort required for compliance.

Security and Auditability: Increase security and auditability and decrease cost of auditing by simplifying reconciliations using immutable distributed ledgers.

Accountability: Build accountability by implementing real time monitoring capabilities and digitalization of supply chain processes.



When will it be available?

The ComGo platform is currently being deployed with selected partners as a proof-of-concept, and we aim to see final working implementations by the end of 2017. Our technology base is highly adaptable to different verticals, although we currently focus on the needs presented by the charity, pharmaceutical and food sectors. You can click in the image below to see a full timeline of our key milestones, past and future.